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Special processes
  Tisza Automotive Ltd. - Special processes, surface treatment, assembly

When you need a bit more…

The diversified customer needs in many cases call for further surface treatment processes of the products after the blow / injection moulding process. We realize such processes in our assembly plant or we take advantage of our subcontractor network. In addition to the assembly of products, we can also undertake welding, painting, chrome plating and flocking, and if the customer needs, other surface treatment processes as well.

Cutting, assembly 

The assembly of injection moulded parts takes place in our assembly plant. During assembly we add different components to the injection moulded parts to ensure the end-use of the products. We stick packings to locally specified places to absorb sound and stop resonance.



We install electric wires, lamps, locks etc. We assemble products consisting of different parts, and during this process we apply ultrasonic and hot plate welding technologies, and fastenings.
We process our blow moulded products with special target machines designed to this end. These cutting machines cut the adjoining surfaces to size with cogged or edged discs or knives depending on what the cutting surface requires. The bores necessary for fixing the product are created by drilling or punching. Depending on the function of the part, we stick packings to reduce resonance.
We cut the adjoining surface of blow moulded parts requiring substantial dimensional accuracy to ensure airtight packing after assembling (e.g. opening of water tank, surface of adjoining pipes).

Ultrasonic and hot plate welding

Ultrasonic welding is a process whereby high frequency vibrations are applied to the welding surface and the materials that are heated and melted down as a result of the internal friction are held together under pressure to create a solid binding. For materials and products where it can be applied, a quick and well automated process can be established.
Hot plate welding, which is related to contact welding is a technique whereby the surfaces to be welded are pressed against a hot plate, and after an appropriate time the melted down surfaces are pressed against each other under the required pressure for the required time. Due to the melting down period the cycle is longer in case of the ultrasonic welding, but at the same time taking into consideration the price of the machine, and its better applicability for certain geometrical shapes often make it more economical than other welding techniques.

Chrome plating

Our automotive industry products include car-body ornaments, the surfaces of which are made more aesthetic by galvanization. In cooperation with our Hungarian and foreign partners we undertake the 30 microns thick chrome plating of our plastic products as required by the automotive industry.



One of the commonly used methods to reach the aesthetic and attractive product appearance customers expect is painting the plastic products the appropriate colour. This can take place with paint laid in one coat, but also in 3-4 coats, when after priming the coat ensuring the appropriate product colour is applied, and then a clearcoat is laid to make the surface of the painted product more resistant. The paint-coat thus created makes possible the production of parts complying even with the strict weatherproof requirements of the automotive industry.


By using modern flocking technology, synthetic materials with a touch similar to that of velvet can be applied to basically any surface.

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