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Injection moulding
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Injection moulding

During the injection moulding process the granulated polymer raw material is melted and fed into a closed mould. The raw material is cooled down in the mould, and parts, often with complicated shapes and substantial dimensional accuracy are formed, without almost any waste. After the mould opens, ready plastic parts can be removed from it, either manually, or by a robot. If the customer requires, the products can undergo further surface treatment processes, for instance welding, painting, chrome plating, flocking.

Our injection moulding machines are suitable for manufacturing products requiring 60 - 1200 tonnes of clamping pressure.



Product weight can range from small-weight products to ones weighing as much as 1,777 kg (PS).

By injection moulding we process PP and PE raw materials and compounds, and the following filled and unfilled technical plastics: ABS, PC, PBT, PA, POM, TPE, PPO, SAN, etc.

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