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Blow moulding
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Blow moulding

By using the blow moulding technology, we can produce hollow plastic parts from thermoplastics. The blow moulding process begins with melting down the plastic and forming it into a preform. Then the preform is positioned between the two halves of the mould. After closing the mould, a pressurized gas, usually air is used to expand the preform with a hole in one end and to press it against the mould cavity, thus the product is given the required shape. After the mould opens up, the plastic part is ejected, and it is taken on a conveyor belt to the operator, who cuts the excess material off the part. Since the blow moulding process results in a product closed in its ends, some additional work might be necessary to get the finished product. We do this additional work by using a cutting equipment specially made for the product.



Our blow moulding machines are suitable for manufacturing products requiring 25-50 tonnes of clamping pressure. Product size can range from the very small products to ones as long as 1300 mm, with maximum 3,5 kg of gross raw material consumption.

We mainly process HDPE and PP raw materials using the blow moulding technology.

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